How We Got Started

It was January 2013, just after my second overseas deployment for the Army. I came back to Arizona unsure if my employer was going to want me back.  I knew they were pretty comfortable with the artist that replaced me while I was deployed for a year and the owner was frustrated with military obligations, combined with the fact he could only afford one artist.  So since I should have been eligible for unemployment coming back from a deployment, I checked it out, only to find how vulnerable the new unemployment system made people that were already at a financial disadvantage by being unemployed.  My experience was that an unemployment agent called my cell phone and insisted I divulge my social security number over the phone and stated that was now the only way to get unemployment insurance - by trusting she was who she stated she was over the phone and potentially risking my personal identity!  I was not comfortable with that, so I took some of the money I earned while on terminal leave to take my family on a weekend stay-cation in Mexico to relax and contemplate my future.  I wanted to get a reality break and relax. I decided to order some of my favorite bath bombs from Lush for the trip but found that they discontinued them even on-line.  I was distraught! Ugh!  My favorite is gone!

Over our weekend, my husband and I were walking on the beach and we noticed what seemed like a little baby turtle dead laying on his back, dead on the beach.  We both said, "how sad".  Just then the turtle lifted a flipper. We looked at each other and my husband scooped him up and placed him in the ocean.  We watched him paddle like crazy and knew he was going to survive.  

Later that night we discussed my future.  At that time I had an Associates Degree in Computer Technology. I jokingly said maybe I should start making bath bombs like the ones I can no longer find; ones that won't make me itch (I have alot of allergies); with no SLS or SLS-A in them unless requested, and I don't have to worry about staining my tub or rinsing off the wonderful scent after I bathed.  My husband quickly responded, "Why not?" 

After dinner I started on my logo for my dream business.  I drew the little turtle as our logo for good luck.  Rather than continuing my career in advertising design, I started my BS in Management Degree at Grand Canyon University and started my business planning.  I also spent SEVERAL months of trial and error trying to perfect my bath bombs.  

It was May 2013; I finally got my recipe the way I loved it. I started getting intrigued with other essential oils and fragrances.  I started studying the constituents of various essential oils to learn how to best combine them for those that wanted more than just a pleasant scent.  By the way, I highly recommend the book by Tisserand and Young, "Essential Oils Risks and Safety".  I make no claims to cure or treat anything with essential oils, but I do keep many essential oils on hand for those that want to add them to their products "for luxury purposes only". If not available in the menu options simply type what you REALLY want in the special instructions on any bath bomb page.  I have a list of all the fragrances and flavors I have on hand on my site.  I also have several essential oils available.

In June 2013 I received my business license and started my first website and local venues for later that October with my bath bombs, "Smart Mouth" lip balms, "Don't Bug Me" essential oil bug repellents, and kosher vegetable glycerin soaps.  For the most part they were a hit.  I have learned and grown a lot over the course of the last few years.  Mainly I like to be different and put the customer's needs first and aim for 100% satisfaction so if you are ever dissatisfied with any of my hand-made products please allow me the opportunity to correct it by contacting me first.  I use all fresh, new oils and constituents but, on occasion an oil/constituent can expire prematurely, if that happens to you, bring  it back to a local venue and exchange it for a new, fresh one; no questions asked; we want you to enjoy the products you buy from us 100% of the time!
Custom Scentsations LLC is now looking forward to 2018.  I have many new venues so you can find me all around the east valley Scottsdale, Tempe, and Gilbert. I am even contemplating expanding to other cities this year.

I have had many offers to lower the cost of my products to expand marketing by lowering my constituent standards and freshness.  I cannot sacrifice quality for expansion.  My motives are to enjoy making the products, make my loyal customers happy and make awesome products without costing me to do so.  It is my philosophy that I make my products to take away the day's stress; give people a way to virtually escape and relax in their tub (or from pests with our repellents; which works awesome for bugs)  That is why I make them!  I do a lot of rigorous product testing in the tub, ensuring I am distributing quality product; it's a tough job but someone's got to do it.  My lip balms, I make simply because they smell great and I put lots of good stuff like natural butters and waxes with vitamins E and C, hyaluronic acid & collagen, and a natural mineral sunscreen also used in soap making, titanium dioxide, to help protect them from the sun's UV rays.  The sprays are always a hit everyone loves the scents.  Its all about using quality ingredients, personal TLC into each product and waiting for clients to come back and tell me how much they love them.  That being said, if you LOVE OUR PRODUCTS please tell others and help us get the word out. If you order a product and get on my mailing list I will send out a coupon code on my mailing list for a FREE product as a thank you gift.  And if you take the time to write a review, I will provide a second coupon code for a second FREE product to thank you for your review as long as I have your email address to contact you.  So the first time you try us, it could in essence be virtually free if you live local and you will be helping me decide which scents to start off my 2017 season with.

So if you are looking for unique gifts either for your own relaxation or for someone you care about, contact us.  We work with vague to specific instructions.  With vague instructions we will go by the age group of the recipient and the suggestion made i.e. "I want a soap for my 60 year old mom, something floral and she likes purple." "My 20 yr old daughter like sweet scents and sparkles can you 6 make bombs?"  From there we will use our past experience and target marketing to try and pick out the perfect scents for your needs.   Any time you want to customize an order and it is within our means i.e. fragrance changes, extra add-ins, etc. just provide specific information that supersedes the product input in the special instructions and insure we have a good phone or email to contact you if we have any questions.  We can ship or deliver or if local you can pick up your order at one of our venues.  There should be shipping options for that purpose.  If you do not arrive at the intended event i.e. it rains out we will bring it to subsequent events, our you may arrange a time for us to deliver if local.

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to view our site and I promise you, try 'em you are going to love 'em.  I simply have to get the word out beyond my regular art walk/farmers market customers that already know how awesome they are.  As a special thank you for reading this about us page use coupon code ty2017 to get $6 off your purchase.

Owner & Manager